President’s Perfect Call Needs a Senate Trial, Trump Tells Fox & Friends


Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast deconstructed the remarks and comments of President Donald J. Trump on an almost hour-long interview Fox and Friends just prior to the podcast.

“Everyone is in recess now.  This was so brilliant because we need to hear things in his voice and in the way he likes to do things. There are so many breaking headlines coming out of this interview,” Bannon said. The co-hosts focused in on the comments about impeachment.

“Trump is saying, I do not want people saying it [Phone call to Ukraine]  was wrong but not unimpeachable, I want them to say it was perfect,” Bannon said.

“I want my Rudy was Right T-Shirt, that is what Trump was saying,” said Jason Miller, the former Communications Director for the 2016 campaign.

Co-hosts Miller and Kassam focused in on Trump saying he wanted a Senate Trial.

Referring back to a previous guest’s appearance, Bannon said ” Mike Braun was here and said he [Trump]  needed a trial, that it [Impeachment] can’t just be dismissed.  Braun wants a trail and the President has bought in. We need to flush it out, otherwise, the Democrats will hammer him on in 2020.”

“I think Hunter Biden should testify,” Bannon said.

“He [Trump] said that and added he wanted Schiff to testify,” Miller said.

“The mentality is that this will be a real trail- that will not take 10 days,”  Bannon said.

“Grahm says that too,” Kassam joined in, pointing to a story at their site about Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Lindsey Graham Launches Judiciary Probe Into Bidens and Ukraine

From the article, “Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham has opened a probe into the conduct of Joe BidenHunter Biden, and the Ukraine gas company Burisma, nearly one month after claiming his committee had no jurisdiction over the matter.

According to news first reported in the Washington Post, Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday seeking information about the 2016 communications of then-vice president Biden with the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.”

“They [The House] are so all-in on this impeachment, there is no way Nancy Pelosi is going to drop the charges,” Bannon said.

Miller said that It s being reported the House Judicial Committee will have a mock trial and then move the articles of impeachment.  Miller and Bannon believe Trump will be impeached between 19th and 21st of December.

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