Pro-Family Activists Force City Council to Remove LGBT Flag From California City Hall


The City Council in Chula Vista, CA, a suburb of San Diego, took down an LGBT rainbow flag which had been flying outside their city hall for two months after a sustained campaign from pro-family activists.

The flag, which has been associated with political connotations, was erected on September 12, supposedly to commemorate a special event lasting two weeks.

However, the flag outlived its intended stay and remained flying high outside the city hall.

Pro-family activists believed the flag’s presence was a political statement against their outrage directed at the frequent Drag Story Hours hosted at the public library–on the public’s dime.

According to MassResistance, via Life Site News:

The flag seemed to be a purposeful message of harassment to the pro-family parents who continued coming to each City Council meeting to demand a stop to all future Drag Queen events in the library.

After sustained pressure from activists, the rainbow flag was taken down on November 12 following a City Council meeting.

A “City USA” flag was flown in its stead.

According to MassResistance‘s website, they represent:

A leading pro-family activist organization, MassResistance provides the information and guidance people need to confront assaults on the traditional family, school children, and the moral foundation of society. Based in Massachusetts, we have supporters and activists in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries.

Our group was founded in 1995 as Parents’ Rights Coalition. Under the name Article 8 Alliance during the “gay marriage” crisis in Massachusetts, we worked to have the Mass. Supreme Court ruling voided and to stop Gov. Romney from implementing the unconstitutional ruling. We adopted the name MassResistance in 2006 when our role as the true resistance to tyrannical government became clear. (See our 2017 article at American Thinker, “On the Meaning of “Resistance”.)

Since we were in the first state to see homosexual activism in the schools and “gay marriage,” we thoroughly understood the threat of sexual radicalism, curtailed freedom of speech, uneven application of the law, judicial activism, and post-constitutional government.

In another case, from Chula Vista, a pastor claimed his church was vandalized over their vocal opposition against Drag Story Hour–in spite of their otherwise progressive proclivities.

California has lead the way for many progressive events, such as Drag Story Hour, which has polarized national opinion.

National File also recently reported on a man who was given a severe prison sentence of 15 years for stealing and burning an LGBT flag in Iowa.