Pro-HIV Senator Wants Illegal Immigrants To Run for Office


Senator Scott Wiener (D – San Francisco), who made his name in international news in 2017 for masterminding the downgrade of the knowing transmission of the HIV virus from a felony to a misdemeanor, has announced a bill to allow illegal immigrants to run for Democratic Party seats.

California has been fraught with issues concerning illegal immigrants in recent years.

California’s public services and maternity wards are under strain in light of the additional demand from illegal immigrants. 

Medieval diseases have made an unwelcome return to her major cities.

Horrid living conditions and street defecation creates a hotbed for illnesses among the growing homeless population.

In 2017, illegal immigrants cost the State of California an estimated $23B–almost a quarter of the cost for the entire US.

According to the California Globe:

The timing of Wiener’s bill is suspicious since the Supreme Court just announced Friday it will decide if the Trump administration plan to end the DACA program for 700,000 young illegal immigrants can proceed. DACA, created by Executive Order, is the Obama-era “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

“The justices announced Friday they will hear oral arguments on the appeal in its next term, which begins in October. A ruling is expected in the presidential election year, putting the high court at the center of one of the most politically charged issues,” Shannon Bream at Fox News reported. Bream is an attorney.

The Trump administration announced in 2017 its plan to end DACA, and was immediately challenged in federal courts in New York and California and blocked by judges.

A long list of other Democrats support Wiener’s bill.

By granting the ability to illegals–who have broken the law by being in the country–to run for political office, the Democratic Party appears to be cementing their political stranglehold on the entire state.