Pro-Jab Drag Queen Drops Dead Mid-Performance, Docs Cite ‘Cardiovascular’ Issues


A 25-year-old Philadelphia drag queen who was outspoken about forcing the COVID vaccine into the bodies of Americans has died after collapsing mid-performance. Doctors say the death was brought on by “cardiovascular disease,” a frequent calling card of COVID jab-induced deaths.

Pro-jab drag queen Valencia Prime collapsed on stage and died earlier this week, with police reportedly receiving an emergency call from a bar in Philadelphia’s “gayborhood” around 11:15 on Monday night. According to local news, Prime was a fixture in Philadelphia’s gay community, and well-known for hosting his “Prime Time” drag performances.

Information coming from the office of Philadelphia’s medical examiner blames Prime’s sudden and public death on “cardiovascular disease,” which has become a calling card of widespread COVID jab-induced deaths.

The medical examiner also credited “obesity” and “diabetes” with Prime’s demise. Prime was known among the “gayborhood” community as “Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva.”

Much like Prime, young people worldwide have begun collapsing and dying by way of “cardiovascular disease” since the aggressive roll-out and marketing of COVID jabs began.

In an open effort to explain away the deaths, which have been scientifically linked to the heart condition myocarditis, and a number of other health defects found to be directly caused by big pharma’s COVID shots, the medical community has even invented a new disease, called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” – or SADS for short.

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While local news reports have neglected to connect the dots between the COVID jab and the public death of Valencia Prime, the Philadelphia drag performer was an outspoken advocate for mass COVID “vaccination,” and posted on social media that those who hadn’t submitted to the jab should lose their rights.

In a Facebook post made earlier this year, Prime claimed that “if you’re refusing to get vaccinated or to even wearing [sic] a mask then you’ve lost the right to complain about the COVID.”

Furthermore, Prime claimed that “your refusal is just fuel being added to the virus.”

Valencia Prime Jab
Philadelphia drag queen Valencia Prime was outspoken in his support for the COVID jab prior to his untimely death.

Despite Prime’s pro-vaccine assertions, medical research shows that more likely than not, the very jab he once championed was a leading factor, if not THE factor, in his death.

According to recently released medical research, the COVID-19 “death jab” is more dangerous than the virus itself in men under 40, like the late 25-year-old Valencia Prime. What’s more, is that additional research quietly released by Harvard’s top vaccine expert, alongside scientists from Oxford and Johns Hopkins, shows that COVID jabs not only kill but that they are 98% more dangerous than the virus itself.

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