Pro-Trans German Law Will Let Citizens Change Gender Every Year, Ends Parental Rights


Last Updated on August 14, 2022

A new law being championed by Germany’s left-wing government will allow citizens of the European nation to legally change their name and gender on an annual basis and will make it punishable by law not to refer to someone by their “preferred pronouns.” Germany’s LGBT lobby hails the new law, which gives government authority over parents when it comes to childhood gender changes, as a means to “celebrate gender diversity.”

Germany’s so-called Self Determination Act will replace the country’s Transsexual Law, which has been in place since 1980 and sets standards for legally changing one’s gender. According to Germany’s LGBT lobby, the Transsexual Law is too restrictive and costly, as those seeking to change their gender have to be assessed by two experts and have a judge rule on it.

The Self Determination Act is expected to pass through Germany’s left-wing Bundestag parliament, which is controlled by the socialist SDP and in coalition with The Greens. Under the law, all Germans ages 14 and above will be permitted to legally change their name and gender each year.

“The Self-Determination Act will improve the lives of transgender people and recognize gender diversity,” Germany Family Minister Lisa Paus has said of the legislation, hailing it as central to creating a “diverse and modern society.”

“In many areas, society is further ahead of legislation. As a government, we have decided to create a legal framework for an open, diverse and modern society,” Paus says.

In addition to creating a name and gender free-for-all, Germany’s so-called Self Determination Act will have police pursuing those who don’t address others by their “preferred pronouns,” a move that mimics efforts by American leftists who have tried to legislate pronoun use for the sake of their gender identity agenda.

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“Germany is about to outlaw the truth,” Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who has appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Dutch farmer protests, tweeted about Germany’s new Self Determination Act.

“Under the so-called ‘Self Determination Act,’ anyone aged 14 and over will be allowed to legally change their gender & first name once a year, every year. Also making it punishable by law to not refer to someone by their preferred pronouns.”

Furthermore, Vlaardingerbroek says that parental rights will be “a thing of the past,” and that if parents don’t agree with their child’s decision to change genders, the courts can forcibly “affirm” the child’s gender under penalty of law.

“So if the parents don’t agree, the state can overrule them and grant the MINOR the right to change its gender,” she tweeted.

“The German people need to resist this dystopian nightmare.”

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