Professor Resigns from Columbia University; Says It Was Like “Living Under Communism”


A tenured university professor is levying accusations of outright communistic practices against his former employer, Columbia University.

Andrei Serban, a Romanian immigrant who fled communist rule to become a tenured professor at Columbia University, has resigned his position amidst his assertions that the esteemed university is “on its way toward full blown communism”. 

His resignation comes at a time when  many observers have begun to argue that American Universities have become infested with radical socialist ideology.

In an interview in October, the award winning director and professor in Columbia Universities theatre department explained to TVR1 that Columbia University has grown authoritarian in nature, outright excluding heterosexual or white students from roles in performances as well as faculty positions. TVR1 is a Romanian news network, and though the story has been rereleased by multiple agencies in both English and Romanian, Columbia University still has Andrei Serban listed as staff. 

Serban discussed the social justice hysteria pressuring him to give leading roles to candidates who were unqualified based solely on their sexuality or gender. This, apparently, included the hiring of professor to replace one who had recently retired. He was made Director of the hiring Board, yet the dean of the Art School, Carol Becker, told Serban that there were already “too many white professors, too many heterosexual men” on the staff at Columbia, so the applicant should be picked based on race and sexual preference rather than merit. The final straw before his resignation came when discussing roles for a transgender student who auditioned for the role of Juliet in the schools production. Serban felt that the applicant was not a good fit for the role of the leading lady, and was met with criticism from his colleagues. The attitude and policies among Columbia Universities Faculty reminded him of the communism he escaped in fleeing Romania.