Project Veritas Exposes CNN, ‘Big Boss Jeff Zucker F**king Tells You’ to Push Impeachment


James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released a stunning undercover video exposing CNN’s apparent bias, with employees fuming over the network’s president, Jeff Zucker, forcing negative coverage of President Donald Trump.

Cary Poarch, who Project Veritas explains works at CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau, wore the hidden camera after becoming disillusioned with his network, according to Project Veritas.

The 19-minute undercover video features conversations with disaffected CNN employees, most who seem to loath working at the left wing network.

“Jeff Zucker, basically the president of CNN has a personal vendetta against Trump,” said Nick Neville, a Media Coordinator for CNN, “He [Zucker] hates him.”

Poarch also recorded the daily 9 a.m. morning meetings, which featured Zucker forcing the network to push impeachment.

“We’re moving towards impeachment,” said Zucker. “All these moves are moves towards impeachment.”

He then told employees not to “lose sight of what the biggest story is.”

At one point, as one of the news directors for CNN pointed out that gun violence would be a major story on competing network MSNBC, Zucker reiterated that he solely wants to focus on impeachment.

“I don’t care about the MSNBC event, okay? I don’t care about them,” said Zucker. “Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment.”

These morning phone calls led to Media Coordinator Christian Sierra to lament the impeachment push, saying “There’s just nothing we can do if Zucker wants impeachment every single day to be the top story.”

This climate also led Neville to complain, “There’s a lot of people who are out here trying to, like, just do what they think is best of journalistic integrity.

Neville went on, “Then you get on the 9 a.m. call and big boss, Jeff Zucker, f**king tells you what to do.”

He explained that CNN employees then “have to follow his verdict.”

Another CNN employee agreed with Neville’s summary of the corporate climate at the network, saying “You got to go with what the boss says.”

This prompted Neville to explain that Zucker has “had an ongoing feud with Trump since ‘The Apprentice’.”

Zucker also told CNN employees to stop being friendly with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), telling them to “knock that off” and “call him out” for his allegiance to President Trump.

The CNN president also blamed the cable network’s competitors for creating the current climate in the United States, saying that it comes from “years of fake news, conspiracy nonsense from Fox News.”

“The fake conspiracy nonsense that Fox has spread for years is now deeply embedded in American society,” said Zucker.

At one point, Neville lambasts the network for parading clearly partisan material as objective.

“Hannity is truly conservative, he lets you know,” said Neville. “However, Don Lemon comes on and he makes you think he’s objective news.”

Neville added, “So either disclose where you’re coming from, or get someone who is a little bit more objective.”

Later in the video, Sierra lamented, “I hate everything, how everything is like all Trump all the time now.”

Also later in the video, Neville explained that the nonstop coverage of President Trump is likely motivated by money.

“Well, we gotta make money and we gotta attract viewers. So, if we just talk about Trump all day, people will watch.”

At one point, the CNN insider asked Mike Brevna, a CNN Floor Manager, about the day after the 2016 election.

“People were like, in shock. I wouldn’t say they were in the morning; I would say people were in shocked,” Brevna explained.

“They were sobbing and I went into ‘A’ control room. It was like at a funeral.”

Project Veritas made their first CNN exposed video, “PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS” available on YouTube.