Psychologists Invent New Disorder: ‘Eco-Anxiety’, Say Protesting Climate Change Only Cure


Politicians who profit from climate change fears are relying on suppressing academia and the field of science so they can use children as foot soldiers to dedicate themselves to protesting for government policies that will benefit leftist politicians.

“Science is a tension. You are trying to find the truth, but you need varied opinions and data.  I feel sorry Greta Thunberg,” said Cliff Mass a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl who spoke at the United Nations in September, exposing to the world the consequences of a young mind who has been gas lighted and manipulated to believe that she will die from Climate Change within 10 years.

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Mass’s research focuses on numerical weather modeling and prediction, the role of topography in the evolution of weather systems, regional climate modeling, and the weather of the Pacific Northwest and a University of Washington professor of Atmospheric Sciences.

Mass appeared on the Lars Larson show Oct. 4, to talk about his recent blog on the topic of hysteria in weather:  

“There is a deep problem with activism and people trying to push a viewpoint on how society should react to the threat of climate change. It has pervaded a lot of people in the discipline, and it pervades the media as well.”

Mass went on, “There has been so much exaggeration and hype on the impacts of the changes that are real.  But the claims that cause the hysteria are not based on science.  The world is not ending in 10 years.”

“I feel sorry for Greta Thunberg.  A lot of people have deep-seeded hysteria that is unfounded,” Mass added.

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“What we in academia are pressured to do is get the right people to do the wrong things for the right reasons.  Society will have to decide what to do with the truth,” Mass continued.

“For us to hype things is unforgivable. My free speech has been suppressed to tell the truth by the University.”

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According to Climate Psychology Alliance, an organization that has perfected the art of gaslighting youth and their parents thru propaganda and manipulations put out the following statement about the need to protest for Thunberg’s global weekly Friday Climate Change protests:

Adults must acknowledge young people’s fears and offer them support in taking positive action such as joining Friday’s global climate strike.

The Alliance has also produced numerous psychobabble “scholarly articles” on the topics of killing off healthy detachment from things that people can not control, hoping to cause even young children to accept the burdens and responsibilities of things like extreme weather disasters.

This book investigates the psycho-social phenomenon which is society’s failure to respond to climate change. It analyses the non-rational dimensions of our collective paralysis in the face of worsening climate change and environmental destruction, exploring the emotional, ethical, social, organizational and cultural dynamics to blame for this global lack of action.

Caroline Hickman, a British member of the Alliance said:

Parents should give young people facts about climate change, discuss how it made them feel, and offer them opportunities to do something proactive by considering what they consume or joining a campaign group.

“A lot of the time adults want to protect children from frightening things, but if we protect them too much then we are actually lying to them,” she said.

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Now instead of teaching children that they are the world so love and embrace each other, the left is teaching that each little child is responsible for the world and all of it’s natural imperfections.

Apparently, the new “woke” is the politically correct concept that truth and lies are each something that is based upon getting the right people to do the wrong things , for the reason of making approved people wealthy and happy – and for much longer than 10 years.