Putin Skewers Cancel Culture in Latest Moscow Speech


Russian President Vladimir Putin railed against the cancel culture backed by the same Western and global elites that seek to wage war on a massive scale against his nation, saying in a Moscow speech that “the culture of cancellation is the cancellation of culture.”

“The culture of cancellation does not allow the development of alternative thought,” Putin, who has been outspoken against the new-age way of globalist life, said in a speech to Moscow’s Valdai Discussion Club, a think-tank and discussion forum.

“In the West, any alternative point of view is declared subversive,” the Russian President went on, telling those in attendance that, sooner or later, Western governments won’t be able to blame all disapproval of their failures on “the machinations of the Kremlin.”

“Let’s think about the meaning of the word cancel,” Putin said, taking another swipe at the cancel culture sweeping the liberal world. “Even at the height of the Cold War, it never occurred to anyone to cancel culture.”

“History will put everything in its place,” Putin said, before comparing cancel culture to Nazism.

“The Nazis went as far as burning books. Now, the Western fathers of liberalism have reached the ban on [Russian author] Dostoevsky.”

“Liberalism has changed beyond recognition,” concluded Putin. “To the point of absurdity,” the Russian President told the crowd.

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As has become the usual case, Putin’s speech has barely been covered by Western media outlets who, along with those in the geopolitical sector, continue to paint Cold War-era caricatures of the Russian President and Kremlin leadership.

Those who have covered Putin’s speech in the West are almost exclusively calling his rejection of cancel culture a direct threat against the rest of the world.

Having lost faith in their own countries’ media outlets, Westerners and those in Western-influenced nations are increasingly having to rely on Telegram channels and other online methods to get accurate news from abroad.

Bi-partisan voices for more war and NATO intervention in Ukraine have continued to grow, even amid concerns that stoking tensions could lead to nuclear consequences.

While the political establishment is cooking up reasons to invade Russia, America First Congressman Paul Gosar is actively working for peace in the region.

In a letter to the leaders of both Russia and Ukraine, Gosar invited Presidents Putin and Zelensky to Arizona, where they can sit down for peace talks, far removed from the front lines and pro-war, globalist influences.

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