Racism Accusations Hit Sesame Place After Character Doesn’t Hug Black Girl


Last Updated on July 23, 2022

Employees of the children’s theme park Sesame Place are being accused of racism based on a handful of sub-15 second video clips. The clips in question show Sesame Place characters ignoring black children while making sure to hug and wave to white kids. The mother of one of the little girls at the center of the unfounded racism accusations has stated that she may pursue a lawsuit against the children’s theme park on the basis of racial discrimination.

The accusations began based on a nine-second video clip that shows a Sesame Place employee dressed as the Rosita character marching in a parade and waving to children. In the nine-second clip, the character hugs two white children, but does not acknowledge two black girls. The character also nods its head “no,” which was more than enough evidence of racism in the eyes of the accusers.

After the video went viral and leftists began to call for the employee to be fired, Sesame Place released a statement. According to park officials, the character did not see the two girls due to low visibility provided by the costume.

The company started by saying that it is their policy to make sure the characters interact with as many families as possible. Sesame Place officials added that the employee feels terrible about the incident, but stressed that the accusations are unfounded.

“The performer portraying the Rosita character has confirmed that the ‘no’ hand gesture seen several times in the video was not directed at any specific person, rather, it was a response to multiple requests from someone in the crowd who asked Rosita to hold their child for a photo op, which is not permitted,” the company said. “The Rosita performer did not specifically ignore the girls and is devastated about the situation.”

Unsatisfied, racism accusers began sifting through several videos in which they accuse Sesame Place performers of specifically ignoring black children. Like the initial video in question, all of the clips are sub-fifteen seconds.

The mother of one of the ignored girls has called for the Rosita performer to be fired and is considering a lawsuit against the theme park.

“Today is a day of accountability,” the family’s lawyer, Houston-based attorney B’Ivory LaMarr told reporters on Wednesday. “What has taken place at Sesame Place this past Saturday, and the months and years prior, is utterly disgusting and unacceptable.”

“All options are on the table,” LaMarr told USAToday on the prospect of a lawsuit. “The last thing we want to do is file a lawsuit. … This is not about money, but they do need to take responsibility and make sure these girls get the adequate care that they deserve.”

Despite their denial of the allegations and woeful lack of proof, Sesame Place employees will now be forced to undergo “racial bias training,” according to a statement from the non-profit that owns Sesame Place, Sesame Workshop.

National File has reached out to Sesame Workshop and asked why employees will be forced to undergo racial equity training if the employee was simply following company policy. National File also asked whether the company plans on giving in to the mob’s demands by terminating the Rosita performer.

Sesame Workshop has yet to respond as of this writing.

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