Rand Paul Predicts ZERO Republican Votes For Impeachment


Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul predicted that no Republican senators will actually vote to remove President Donald Trump from office in his Senate impeachment trial. The Democrat-led House of Representatives impeached Trump for supposedly pressuring the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s scandal involving son Hunter’s lucrative post on the board of Burisma Holdings, which was profiting from the Ukrainian energy business.

Trump has mostly treated the impeachment as a joke, and it does not appear that he actually has anything to worry about.

“I really think the verdict has already been decided as well. I don’t think any Republicans are going to vote for impeachment,” Paul stated in an interview with The Hill.

“I think the votes have been decided. As much as anybody will be pretending to be judicious about this, I don’t think that there’s one senator who hasn’t decided how they’re going to vote,” Sen. Paul added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has also told reporters that Republicans will not remove Trump from office.

With the expected zero Republican votes, it will be impossible for the D.C. establishment to achieve the 67 Senate votes needed to make Trump the first president to be removed from office in this fashion.

Trump’s popularity, especially with Republicans nationally, renders any Republican betrayal in the Senate trial a politically disastrous gambit for any senator who tries anything — even if some Swamp Republicans might be itching deep down to vote against populist reformer Trump.

Meanwhile, pro-Trump Republicans are salivating at the prospect of calling witnesses, including potentially Joe Biden’s son Hunter, to extract political points from Nancy Pelosi’s foolhardy spectacle.

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