Rapper Tom MacDonald Calls Out ‘Performative Wokeness’, Slams Those Who Celebrate ‘Wet Ass P*****’ Artist Cardi B


The self-described “moderate” rapper Tom MacDonald is challenging the entertainment industry and the standards set by modern political correctness with his lyrics. His song “fake woke” not only surpassed top label artists such as The Weekend and Cardi B on iTunes Charts, but has since amassed nearly 12 million views on YouTube at the time of this publication.

“I think it’s crazy I’m the one who they labeled as controversial and Cardi B is the role model for 12 year old girls” is the first line on the song “Fake Woke.” MacDonald has accumulated a large following specifically in the last three years by being willing to express views that are deemed untouchable or unmarketable to mainstream entertainment producers.

MacDonald recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the song’s political themes. “Its common for musicians to release politically charged songs these day,” according to Fox New reporter Carley Shimkus, “but you probably never heard one quite like this before.”

MacDonald points out, “there’s this performative ‘wokeness’ that’s going on in society today, and I think it was just important to point some fingers at the hypocrisy and the way that the world is changing not for the better.”

Shimkus also highlights MacDonald’s song “People So Stupid,” where the rapper calls out pro-abortion activist who don’t think a heartbeat is a sign of life, and his song “No Lives Matter” where MacDonald argues Black Lives Matter turns people away, and asserts “all lives matter isn’t racist or stupid.”

“People have become allergic to opinions in North America in these last five years. Pretty soon they are going to cancel everything and all we are going to have is tall gray buildings and quiet car rides, and then we’re all going to be kicking ourselves in the butt for this craziness,” commented MacDonald.

Instead of eliminating cancel culture, it appears that a goal of MacDonald is to redirect cancel culture towards influences he believes are causing real pain to our society such as manufactured racial division, drugs, and glorification of suicidal ideation. MacDonald often talks about how the freedom of not being tied to a label allows him to be honest about how he sees the world around him.

While many consider MacDonald to be a right wing voice, according to MacDonald, it is more important to have more moderate voices rather than the politically polarized voices that dominate the mainstream.

In one song, MacDonald argues, “Look, Donald Trump isn’t as bad as they say he is. He really only tryna make America great again”. In his song, “White Trash” he states, “the whole world’s been left leaning. I’m proud of the right who fight back” are more sympathetic to the right than aligning himself with any political movement.

MacDonald and Nova Rockafeller, his girlfriend who also produces his videos, have worked with artists such as Mad Child, Brandon Hart, Dax, and Ryan Upchurch.