Raz Simone Admits To Being A Pimp, Accuses Feminists Of Racism


Solomon ‘Raz’ Simone, the controversial warlord of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), recently admitted on Twitter to being a pimp, though insisted there was no violence involved in his profession, and went on to accuse the feminists calling attention to his past of being racist.

Simone’s remarks drew criticism from feminist Antifa members, who regarded that job as patriarchal exploitation of women.

“So, I’m misinformed about you being a pimp who abuses women and shaves their heads as punishment and then writes about it in his music?” wrote left-wing commentator Gennette Cordova.

Simone then clarified that his pimping was completely consensual.

“Yes I WAS a ‘Pimp’ not like that tho. Didn’t force anything. No forced punishment,” he said.

“That’s not how that story goes and that’s why I even put it in a song. I’m very transparent and vocal about my past, was even very transparent and vocal about my present. I could show you receipts.”

He went on to explain that his job involved being a violent enforcer for prostitutes, rather than engaging in violence against the prostitutes themselves.

“Back in the day girls would call me if they had issues with guys or thought they might have an issue and I would have their back,” he added.

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He went on to explain his deeply held respect for “hoes”.

“I respect hoes more than any other professions because I’ve seen what they’ve been thru,” he added. “My auntie was a hoe and got her head cut off by a trick. I don’t play about that.”

On Instagram, he then derided his feminist critics as “racist”:

This disgusts me to my core. Please quit spreading false information. Get the facts first. If y’all truly knew the root of this you would be disgusted. I’m not a rapist or a sex trafficker. Never a day in my life have I done either of those things. There’s a white girl who started all of this and now other women who I’ve never met are jumping on it without due diligence. She’s racist as fuck. Hates me and a handful of black women and men in our community and this isn’t the first time she’s weaponized black women’s trauma against black men for her own entertainment and satisfaction. Please stop spreading rumors. I’m over here trying to find my old phone to show you she’s a stalker, she’s racist and lying about everything. On my life.

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Simone owns a number of luxury Airbnb apartments throughout Seattle with a collective worth of millions of dollars. Given Simone’s largely unsuccessful rap career, it remains unknown how he acquired the funds to be able to afford these, though he was gifted over $80,000 by the City of Seattle to build a recording studio in 2019.