READ: Donald Trump’s Best Tweets of the Decade, Ranked


President Donald J. Trump has posted more than 47,000 tweets since he joined Twitter in 2009.

Though the President’s Twitter game has slowed down considerably since the days of McDonald’s-fueled frenetic late-night Twitter binges on the 2016 campaign trail, his ability to condense amusing quips and anecdotes into 140 characters or less has left the internet with a veritable treasure trove of platinum-tier sh*tposts.

National File set out to assemble a compendium of the best and most relevant tweets of the decade, without using a restrictive “top 10” numbered format.

The tweets are ranked below:

22. Merry Christmas

21. No Mercy To Terrorists

20. Greta’s Anger Management

19. My Button Is Much Bigger

18. Joe Biden Would Go Down Fast And Hard, Crying All The Way

17. Being, Like, Really Smart

16. Yelling At Mac Miller

15. Deals Are My Art Form

14. Thot Patrol – Megyn Kelly

13. Thot Patrol – Cher

12. Thot Patrol – Bette Midler

11. Morons At Charlie Hebdo

10.  Happy Cinco De Mayo

9. Low I.Q. Mika’s Bad Facelift

8. Arianna Huffington Thot Patrol

7. My I.Q. Is One Of The Highest

6. Despite the constant negative press covfefe

5. Chidlren Are Being Grabbed By The Perverts

4. Kim Jong-un Is Short And Fat

3. Many Such Cases

2. I Have Never Seen A Thin Person Drinking Diet Coke

1. They Were Born F**ked Up

Finally, an honorable mention recommended by multiple readers: