Reddit Post Shows ‘Breeding’ Fetish Discussion, Where Women Become Pregnant Then Get Abortions


Each to their own on the internet, right? Internet maxims with the gist of “if it’s been thought of, it’s been done” are known to most. But, sometimes, the most unthinkable acts can emerge from the furthest reaches of cyberspace.

In this particular case, several new sexual fetishes and lifestyles have emerged.

In September, a post containing screenshots from a Reddit Thread was passed around detailing an exchange on the subject of an abortion fetish.

The thread starts off with the following post by username u/Ooliava:

Question regarding abortions and breeding fetish

I have a female friend who has a really powerful fetish for breeding, she was never used any type of birth control.

She is with a male partner currently who is just like her, into breeding and they have been practicing their fetish for quite a few abortions.

I know this is a heavy subject for some but It got to the point where, I’m worried for her health. I personally didn’t study abortions.

Was wandering if this might seriously impact her? She is like a sister to me

One respondent (cand86) asks a more probing question to ascertain the frequency and methodology of the abortions:

To which the original poster ( u/Ooliava) replies:

Many fetishes, kinks, and sexual subcultures have become increasingly normalized due to the universality of social media and potential user overlapping which occur over a vast array of differing interests.

Several social media users list their kinks, preferred pronouns, and sexual subculture–such as furry–affiliations on their bios, to notify future engagements of their positions on certain things.

In some circles, the term “pronouns in bio” has become a pejorative to, a priori, disregard the opinions held by individual who display their preferred gender pronouns in their bio.

Other sexual subcultures, in spite of their increasingly mainstreamed position in public consciousness, have failed to capture the hearts of the public.

Furries are a relatively popular subculture which have failed to enamor the wider public.

Earlier this year, a prominent furry personality was suspected of deliberately destroying his hands with dry ice to force a medical amputation, in order to carry out a sexual fetish. The purpose of this forced amputation was two fold: to become more anatomically similar to a quadruped; and to become somewhat physically dependent on his sexual partner.

National File reported:

Last week, a few screenshots containing tweets displaying a so-called ‘furry’ requiring a double amputation of their hands after soaking them in dry ice for six hours went viral on social media.

It was claimed by the person in question that they had used an unorthodox arthritis remedy–dry ice–to alleviate discomfort, but they had fallen asleep during the process.

When they regained consciousness, the hands needed to be amputated due to the extent of the damage.

However, it is alleged that dry ice is used by those with amputee fetishes to destroy the limbs so that medical staff are left with no other recourse but to amputate the damaged extremity.