REMAINER TEARS: Lefties Cry Over Brexit


On Friday night at 11PM GMT, the UK left the European Union and finally completed Brexit. Remainers online aren’t too happy.

The UK officially left the European Union, after finally securing a withdrawal deal that was acceptable to the British public. Brexit had been voted for 3 and a half years ago, but many Remainers were still refusing to accept the result.

Just as we did following the UK election, here’s a selection of some of the best meltdowns and salty tweets from people mad that democracy turned out a result they didn’t like!

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Remainer commentators, who have been constantly telling us that we were racist, bigoted and stupid for voting for Brexit, were a tad depressed and angry it was going through:

Remainer politicians were coping hard. Guy Verhofstadt insisted that the UK would soon rejoin the EU, and Sadiq Khan insisted that London was still a “European city”:

Leftist celebrities were also distraught and angry:

The hashtag #thick began trending, as Remainers insisted that anyone who voted for Brexit was simply an idiot, because how could you disagree with the EU and not be a moron:

Other Remainers simply spewed vile hatred against Brexiteers:

Some said they would “fight back” and “resist” against Brexit, with some claiming it was all due to “muh Russians”:

But many Remainers, of course, were depressed and crying:

Here’s to Britain’s golden age outside the tyranny of the European Union – happy Brexit everyone!