Rep. Paul Gosar Retweets ‘Moratorium Pete’ D’Abrosca, Signals Possible Congressional Endorsement


In what may be a first, an elected Republican Congressman retweeted a Congressional candidate running against a Republican incumbent.

Earlier today, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) retweeted North Carolina congressional candidate Pete D’Abrosca, who is running against Rep. David Rouzer (R-NC) with the campaign promise of a moratorium on all immigration to the United States.

D’Abrosca, who recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain his immigration policy, wrote the tweet to compare the ongoing immigration crisis to the highly publicized “vaping crisis” that led the government to ban tobacco products, including vapes, to anyone under 21.

“An estimated 1600 Americans die at the hands of illegal aliens annually,” wrote D’Abrosca. “50 Americans died from vaping this year.”

He continued, “The latter was a national crisis that led to a ban.”

During his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, D’Abrosca explained that his campaign’s immigration policy would see no net migration to the United States.

National File reported:

D’Abrosca outlined his vision for zero net immigration during the segment: “About 200,000 people leave the United States every year. Bringing in 200,000 legal aliens would be fine, but the bottom line is we would like to have no population increase from legal immigration.”

“Oh, you’re not allowed to say that,” Carlson quipped, “because the left controls the terms that the right uses, as you know, and you’re allowed to say under duress that you’re against illegal immigration, but you’re never allowed to say that there should be some absolute cap.”

“Well, those are the old party rules, Tucker,” D’Abrosca said. “There’s a new Republican party in town and it’s people like myself who are younger, and less controlled by the Conservative Inc. crowd and the political elites.”

D’Abrosca was also endorsed by immigration hawk and New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter earlier this year, who tweeted “MY CANDIDATE” along with a news article about D’Abrosca.

Gosar recently made headlines when he wrote “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” in a 23-tweet coded message, written over the course of an entire day.

National File reported:

A few sharp-eyed message board users were able to connect the dots in Gosar’s tweet chain by reading the first letter of every tweet.

What they found was a message that spelled out “EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF.”

Each message in the tweet chain seemed completely normal for a Congressman’s official Twitter account, and provided factual information surrounding the impeachment hysteria on Capitol Hill.

D’Abrosca’s insurgent campaign to unseat Rouzer has been met with opposition from the North Carolina Republican Party, with the party initially refusing to give support to D’Abrosca’s campaign.

Now the party is claiming, on shaky ground, that D’Abrosca is not eligible to run in his district, and D’Abrosca is pledging to take the matter to court.