REPORT: Family Member of Slain Mormon Family Says Attack Was Intentional


Reporter and congressional candidate Peter D’Abrosca exclusively spoke with a member of the Mormon family that was slain in Mexico last month, who contradicted mainstream media reports with claims the attack on her family by Mexican drug cartels was intentional, according to The Rundown News.

D’Abrosca spoke to Elisa Steele, a native of Colonia Le Barón in Mexico’s Chihuahua state, “where members of the slain Mormon family maintain a colony.”

She identified herself as “a second cousin of victim Rhonita Miller and a first cousin of victims Christina Johnson and Dawna Langford by way of marriage.”

Miller and 8 family members were killed in the attack.

Steele gave D’Abrosca a chilling account of the attack:

“These three women and their children – they were driving, and they don’t know what side exactly, but they speculate that it was the Chihuahua side of the cartels, came in and purposely targeted these women and children, although we don’t know why,” Steele told The Rundown News by phone. “And then after, they ran off. It wasn’t until after hearing the explosion of the car and gunshots that men on the Sonora side woke up, and then a crossfire between the Sonora and Chihuahua sides began.”

“There was no crossfire in the beginning,” Steele said. “There was no ‘getting caught in the crossfire they happened to drive through.’ That is totally false. We also know that there was targeting because of firsthand, eyewitness accounts from the children.”

Steele also told D’Abrosca that the Mexican government seems embarrassed by the attack and is attempting to minimize it:

“To our best speculation, the Mexican government is terribly embarrassed that this has happened. They’re terribly embarrassed that this is so out of control,” Steele said. “You can even see – the day after this happened they tried to say that they caught the murderers. They tried to blame it on two people they caught in Arizona, and they were saying ‘we caught them, we caught them. Please stop talking about this. Settle down.’”

That was a lie. Steele said that the family “rolled their eyes” knowing that “those people had nothing to do with us.”

“They quickly dropped that story because no one was believing it,” she continued. “So of course [the Mexican government] has tried to say it was two cartels shooting at each other and [the family] got caught up in the action. That’s not what happened. From the very beginning my family has known that is not the case.”

While speaking to D’Abrosca, Steele also clarified that her family has nothing to do with the infamous NXIVM sex cult, and her family’s colony is not polygamous, contradicting mainstream media reports and rumors.