REPORT: Female Prison Officers Are Being Raped By Trans Inmates


A former United Kingdom justice minister has claimed that transgender inmates have been raping female prison officers, stating that the government had been made aware of “situations of male prisoners self-identifying as females then raping staff in prison.”

According to The Telegraph, former UK justice minister Rory Stewart, Conservative MP who will be running for Mayor of London, made the comment in an interview for GQ.

When asked for his opinion on transgender women using female-only spaces, such as toilets, Stewart said, “I’m instinctively worried about that, partly because when I was prisons minister, we had situations of male prisoners selfidentifying as females then raping staff in prison.”

“So I think if someone is biologically male, particularly in an environment like a prison, we shouldn’t allow that to happen…”

The debate rears its head again after the Labour Party was split on the transgender question.

A Labour MP had even suggested allowing trans rapists to serve their sentences in women’s prisons.

Before the global coronavirus pandemic, the topic of biological males in women’s prisons had gained significant attention as reports of sexual abuse towards female inmates had surfaced, calling the progressive ideal into question.

On one specific case, National File reported:

A transgender inmate who was transferred from a male prison to a female prison facility is alleged to have raped fellow inmates.

The biological male was blocked from being transferred back to a male prison, following the incident, as the decision was reportedly overruled by the governor’s office, according to Illinois Times.

Andre Patterson–as he is known to Illinois Department of Corrections–now goes by the name Janiah Monroe.

Monroe was reportedly not welcomed by female inmates when she was transferred to the Logan women’s prison in Lincoln.

Monroe, whose time at Logan has been described as “turbulent,” reportedly attempted suicide with a razor, requiring outside medical help, before being segregated.

On Feb 10 an anonymous inmate filed a Jane Doe lawsuit after several Logan prison employees allegedly punished her for trying to report sexual assault accusations.

After the initial assault, the warden testified that Monroe had no sexual interest in women.

The transgender inmate has had sexual assault accusations filed against her, some of which have been deemed false.

One sexual assault accusation which was upheld was called “consensual” by Monroe’s attorney, Alan Mills.

Mills said: “All I can tell you is none (of the accusations) have been found to be founded and all have been denied by her.”

Monroe has a history of attempting to self-castrate and genital mutilation, wishing for gender reassignment surgery.

While being imprisoned at a male facility, Monroe suffered extensive abuse at the hands of her former inmates.

Other stories have involved transgender inmates having the bill of their gender transition footed by the taxpayer–which has stoked outrage as taxpayer protest how their funds have been spent.

Another trans inmate, who was convicted of sexually abusing 15 children aged between infancy and 13 years old, is set to be released after it was deemed his testosterone levels had dropped below a likely risk of reoffending following his gender transition.