REPORT: Google Actively Censoring Anti-CCP Phrase ‘Communist Bandit’ From YouTube Comments


“#YouTube “automatically” deletes a comment in Chinese, “Gongfei”, which means “communist bandit”, in 15 seconds. This person tested 3 times, same result. #油管 The “Communist Bandits” message is automatically deleted within 15 seconds, even if the netizens try it three times. Did they find an AI expert better than Li Feifei?” Zeng tweeted.

Multiple Twitter users confirmed they experienced the same result when typing the phrase into YouTube comments, and English-speaking Reddit users also confirmed the existence of the issue.

The comment deletion issue appears to be prominent in the mobile and app versions of the site, while users on the desktop browser could still see their comments in some cases. Adding additional text to the phrase in a comment also appears to circumvent the censor.

One user asked Google about the issue on the Google Support forum: “共匪 = communist bandit or communist bandits. in Chinese. Now anyone who writes a comment on youtube which has this Chinese word “共匪” will be automatically deleted. Many people have tried it, even if they just write : 共匪 in the comment. that comment will be deleted right away. I want to know why this word is a forbidden word to use? this is not even a swear word. Are we not allowed to anti-Chinese communist party now?”

The question was locked and left unanswered by Google, and replies to the question were disabled.



This week, reports surfaced that Google may soon start scaling back “diversity” programs in an effort to be seen as less “anti-conservative.”