REPORT: ‘Hundreds’ Traveling to Minneapolis to Join in George Floyd Protests


As Minneapolis appears to enter another night of unrest as the weekend rolls in, reports of people making their way to the twin city to join the protests have been revealed.

Without the arrival of more protesters, Minneapolis was rocked following heavy rioting which saw business ransacked, looted, and burned, with even low income housing projects burned to the ground.

The aftermath of the first day of rioting resembled something akin to a Middle Eastern war zone as social media was treated to images of the city being reduced, in some parts, to smoldering rubble.

In a tweet, a Daily Caller writer announced that, “Hundreds of protestors are arriving to Minneapolis via airplane this morning per a close friend of mine who was at the MSP airport.”

According to the Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo, much of the damage caused on the first few days of rioting was committed by out-of-towners, reported Bring Me The News.

Arradondo said: “If individuals, as it occurred last night, are committing behavior and acts which are criminal … if they’re looting those stores, if they’re robbing people … if they are setting buildings and structures on fire, which are harming the safety of our elderly and our youth, I cannot allow that.”

He later added: “I will just say it was clear to me and hearing from local community leaders that many of the people involved were not known Minneapolitans.”

So far, the riots have claimed one life as a pawn broker shot a suspected looter as he fled, and a disabled woman was beaten and robbed when she was accused of stabbing rioters outside of a store.