REPORT: Inflammatory ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ Posters Appear in Canadian City


Anti-white posters reportedly appeared in Canada containing inflammatory messages after “It’s Okay to Be White” posters have been decried on an international level.

The posters reportedly appeared in the Ontario city of Kitchener, which lies around 60 miles west of Toronto.

The tweet reads, “Spotted in downtown Kitchener/Waterloo! Why isn’t @CBCAlerts reporting on hate crimes against whites and Christians? It’s OK to be white.”

The posts displayed on the tweet read, “White lives don’t matter,” “It’s OK to hate white people,” and “racism against whites doesn’t exist.”

The initial tweet calls Canada’s state broadcaster CBC into question for failing to report on the posters.

Over the weekend, National File reported on student group”Students for Western Civilisation,” which is charging the CBC with anti-white hate speech after an article written by a First Nations author which featured a lengthy diatribe against white people.

Commenters expressed concern and confusion for the revelation of the posters.

One commenter said, “I thought with free healthcare that Canada was a happy country.”

Many speculated as to whether it was a self-hating white person who stuck the posters.

One social media user said, “Let’s be fair, just like almost all ‘hate crimes’ that occurs in leftist areas turn out to be false flag hoaxes, I would give 4:1 odds on this being a similar thing.”

Another commenter wrote, “It will likely be a white person that hates themselves.”

National File has extensively reported on the emergence of the benignly-phrased, but maligned “It’s OK to Be White” posters, which have drawn a range of emotions from fury, disgust, to fear from naysayers.

In the past, “It’s OK to Be White” posters have been blasted as “deplorable,” “atrocious,” and “racial hatred messages.”