REPORT: Meadows’ Apparent Successor Revealed as #NeverTrumper


Earlier today incriminating audio was released suggesting Lynda Bennett, Vice-chair of Haywood County Republican Party, who has seemingly become the party’s pick to succeed retiring Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), is ready to align herself against President Donald Trump.

Only hours after Bennett launched her campaign to capture Meadows’ seat upon his upcoming retirement, exclusive audio was released by Media Right News showing her to be firmly against President Trump.

According to audio provided by Media Right News, Bennett went on at length regarding her opposition to President Trump, going as far to describe herself as “a Never Trump person.”

The audio suggests Bennett went as far as to try to get President Trump’s name stricken from Republican Party literature in North Carolina.

Media Right News reported:

Bennett: “I am a never trump person. I don’t want Trump.”

Male Voice: “You Know”

Bennett: “I am a Never Trump Not in.. [in audible exchange of Bennett and another individual]. I want him taken off that palm card or I’m not helping you guys that’s what I’m hearin’. So Never Trump is a big movement and you guys have been denying it. And your acting like well can I be like never this person and I can never that person, but you can’t be Never Trump and you can be Never Trump but I’m Never Trump so now what. So what are you gonna do, gonna ask me to get out there and help Trump get elected and you want me to help organize 100 people to come and work the polls to help get Trump elected? Well, I am not for him I am against him Never Trump Nev-”

Media Right News’s source suggests the audio comes from 2016, just prior to President Trump’s historic election.

Bennett’s Facebook page promoting her campaign posted a photo with Meadows a full day before he announced his retirement, suggesting she may have had prior knowledge.

“Mark Meadows and Debbie in #Hendersonville at the @senChuckEdwards event,” the post reads. “What a beautiful spot for a party.”

Mark Meadows and Debbie in #Hendersonville at the @senChuckEdwards event. What a beautiful spot for a party.

Posted by Lynda Bennett for Congress NC11 on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Despite her apparent disdain for President Trump, the Asheville Tea PAC has already endorsed her candidacy.