REPORT: Polish Border Guards Arrive at Greek Border to Keep Refugees Out of Europe


A short video has appeared on social media showing Polish border guards deployed to protect the Greek-Turkish border after Turkey opened its borders, releasing tens of thousands of migrants into Europe.

In a tweet by Polish conservative account, Based Poland, captioned, “It’s official! A team of Polish Border Guards has arrived at the Greek-Turkish border,” a video showing Polish officials at the scene to assist the tasked EU border is beginning to go viral.

One Twitter user excitedly tweeted, “THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED,” referring to the 1683 Battle of Vienna where Polish Winged Hussars came to the rescue under the leadership of the legendary Jan Sobieski to repel Ottoman forces under Kara Mustafa–and the last real direct military threat to Europe by Muslim powers–in a war which lasted until 1699, but resulted in the loss of Hungary for the Ottoman Empire.

The Greek-Turkish border crisis is the culmination of a protracted cold war between the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Although the miniature cold war has embodied almost a thousand years of rivalry, including centuries of domination, genocides, sedition, and vassalage; the two countries aren’t the happiest of neighbors.

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the borders which had been stemming the flow of migrants, of various origins, vying to reach Northwest European welfare states, after a European-led coalition strike resulted in the highest number of Turkish casualties in Syria, since their presence in the war-torn country began.

Erdogan had been using the hundreds of thousands of migrants holing up in Turkey as a geopolitical bargaining chip against European leaders.

Earlier this week, Bulgarian deliberately opened a dam on the Evros river traversing the hotly contested border in order to raise water levels making it harder for migrants to illegally enter Europe.

Greek soldiers have also reportedly opened fire on migrants, killing two, since the recent conflict arose.