REPORT: School Sends Email Ordering Parents To ‘Counter Stigma and Racism’ Amidst Coronavirus


Exclusive reporting from National File shows that a document created by the National Association of School Psychologists titled “Countering COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Stigma and Racism  – Tips for Parents and Caregivers” was sent out to parents of children enrolled in Waubesa Elementary School in McFarland, Wisconsin.

“Concerns over COVID-19 can make children and families anxious and may also lead to placing blame on others who are perceived to be associated with the outbreak,” the email begins, adding, “it is important to inform children in a developmentally appropriate manner that the disease is linked to a geographic location and not to a race or nationality.”

“It is important that parents and caregivers help children identify harmful language and behavior and encourage children to stop it,” the document continues.

The document drives home the point that parents must virtue signal for intersectionality amidst a global pandemic, demanding that “adults must model acceptance and compassion in their words and behavior.”

The document then suggest no less than twelve virtue-signalling steps that parents can take to model racially-sensitive behavior for their children, before asking parents to identify with emotionally aggrieved minorites.

“It is important to be aware of and honest about our own children’s behavior and stop behaviors that perpetuate inaccurate perceptions, racism, bias, and harm,” the email states, before ordering parents, “Reinforce that such behavior (including speech) is not okay, and help your child identify the source of their feelings/behavior and why it is wrong. Teach them appropriate positive alternatives.”

A concerned father who has a child enrolled in the Mcfarland School District reached out to National File after receiving the email, and provided the following statement:

This virus DID originate in China, it is well known and was reported WIDELY in the news in January, therefore there is no innate harm in calling it a “Chinese Virus”. I have heard people call this xenophobia — are we now going to refer to things such as “Chinese Checkers” as xenophobic? OR even less savory terms such as “Chinese Water Torture” as xenophobic? It is what it is! The idea that kids are going to be “racist” against their Chinese peers over this is preposterous, and it feeds into the hysteria the mainstream media is propagating in order to divide society across every possible line! I love my neighbors, be they any Asian nationality. End of story!

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 originated in Hubei province near the city of Wuhan, China.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to using the term “Chinese virus” despite media allegations of racism, going so far as to cross out “Corona” Virus and replace it with “Chinese” Virus in his press notes last week.

The media and the Southern Poverty Law Center have been ridiculed for bemoaning social distancing measures intended to fight coronavirus, claiming they could lead to “white nationalism.”