Republican Utah Governor Defends Utah Jazz Basketball Team Excluding White Students From Scholarship


This evening on his call-in radio show, the establishment Republican Governor of Utah, Spencer J. Cox, defended the Utah Jazz basketball team in response to a constituent’s question regarding whether or not he thought that it was racist for the team’s scholarship opportunity to exclude white children.

“It’s not racist,” Cox responded. “Ryan Smith and the Jazz can do what they want with their funds. All kids should have equal opportunities, and we’re proud of the Jazz.” He continued “I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do for the Utah Jazz: absolutely nothing. Because, you know what, I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in the freedom of businesses to make decisions that are right for them.”

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In a far cry from racial equality, Cox went on to say “Your kid or my kid have no right to the Utah Jazz’s money.” Most damning of all, he boasted “It’s an awesome program. It’s something that should be celebrated.”

The move by the Utah Jazz to exclude white children is in line with other recent actions taken by the NBA to support radical ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activism, such as Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban trying and failing to end the tradition of standing for the National Anthem, and the organization as a whole pledging to donate over $300 million dollars to ‘black empowerment.’

Nor is the announcement from Gov. Cox particularly surprising. Gov. Cox vowed he would not support President Trump back in 2016, chastised Christians who oppose gay marriage, when he flagellated himself by saying “I recognize fully that I am a balding, youngish, middle-aged straight, white, male, Republican, politician… with all of the expectations and privileges that come with those labels.” He also made a video pledging a ‘commitment to civility and the peaceful transition of power’ with his democrat opponent during the 2020 election, a subtle slight, once again, towards President Trump.

Returning to Gov Cox’s defense of anti-white racism in the NBA, the declaration drew harsh condemnations from thousands on Twitter. American Greatness contributor and conservative pundit Pedro Gonzalez accused Cox of “insisting it’s okay to discriminate not just against white people but white children,” while implicitly accusing the GOP of insufficiently combating the scourge of anti-white racism as a whole. 

Highly respected Daily Caller alumna Scott Greer commented on the Governor’s constant weakness against political enemies, replying that “Commitment to civility means supporting anti-white racism.”

As of this article’s publication, Gov. Cox has not clarified his original statement or explained how this constitutes true equality.