REVEALED: Custodial Mother Planned to Go All-Out “Lorena Bobbitt” on 7-Year-Old James Younger


Anne Georgulas planed to medically castrate her son James Younger, with hormones as well as “cut his penis off” according to an eyewitness at the custody hearing between Georgulas and her former husband, Jeff Younger, and according to Younger himself.

An email was written by Anne and sent to her former husband Jeff describing her ideas on cutting her son’s penis off.

“I heard the testimony that was Anne’s letter to Jeff explaining how she was going to cut James’ Penis off.  I was so shocked over that and very upset that the Jurors heard that testimony and found that she was still a fit parent,” Connie Sue, a court witness told National File.

Earlier in the week, on Monday, a jury was given instruction to determine custody of James Younger, in a case where the mother wanted a gender transition and the father was fighting the gender change transition, after a lengthy custody battle.

The Jury found on Monday for the Mother to have sole custody over the seven-year-old and be the sole medical decision-maker for the child, therefore having the right to force a medical castration as well as a removal of the young child’s male genitalia.

Judge Kim Cooks reversed the findings of the Jury after pressure from the Attorney General Ken Paxton,  stating that both parents would have to agree on medical procedures, in a surprising ruling on Thursday.

In a video made by Younger, for Lifesite News, Younger talks about the planned removal of his son’s penis.

“I was completely shocked.  We put up an email from  Ms. Georgulas to me where she contemplates cutting off the penis of my son, and then 20 mins later they go into deliberations voting against me.  It tells you how far our society has changed and how less Christian we are,” Younger said on Thursday before the Judge ruled.

“I don’t believe that Texas will allow this to happen to children, Younger said.

Watch the video here.