RICKY GERVAIS: ‘Thanks, Hollywood. Oh, And Stop F***ing Kids’


The former Office Star Ricky Gervais has come out against Hollywood again. This time, the British comedian told the residents of Tinsel Town to “stop f***ing children” following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and confidant Ghislaine Maxwell.

Gervais, no stranger to bashing Hollywood and some elements of mainstream woke culture, made the tweet after his comedy After Life failed to be nominated for an Emmy award.

#AfterLife didn’t get nominated for an Emmy this year,” he tweeted. “But this did. ‘Outstanding Live Variety Special: The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards’ That’s some conciliation, I guess. So, Thanks, Hollywood. Oh, and stop f**king kids. Cheers.”

The outspoken British atheist director quote tweeted a viral video of his Golden Globe monologue from January of this year, when he called out Hollywood, and included an “Epstein didn’t kill himself” joke that stole the show on the evening and garnered attention from National File.

The tweet was filled with praise with social media users commending his bravery for his words.

“They are more terrified of your potential acceptance speech than the Maxwell case plane logs.. And [that’s] saying [something],” one person commented.

Another person remarked: “You’re a superhero in a increasingly dark world.”

Some even discussed as to why Gervais’ show failed to even secure a nomination; commenters concluded it was due to his failure to toe the party line.

Out of favor with many for his stances on transgenderism and woke culture, Gervais’ Golden Globe monologue became the stuff of legends.

National File reported on the event which began by:

[R]eferring to another show, Afterlife, which seemingly ended on a cliffhanger as a second season was being made, after a man contemplated suicide following his wife’s death, Gervais told the crowd, “Spoiler alert: so in the end, he obviously didn’t kill himself, just like Jeffrey Epstein.”

At first, members of the crowd are heard to be awkwardly laughing interspersed with some incredulous sighs.

Gervais, hosting the event for the fifth time, continued: “shut up, I know he’s your friend, but I don’t care.”

Many A-list Hollywood personalities were identified as passengers on Epstein’s flight log as then-underage accusers bring allegations from the early 2000’s to light.