Rioters Attack Dallas Store Owner For Defending His Property


A Dallas business owner was left unconscious on the street bleeding after being mobbed by rioters.

The Dallas police report that a man who was beaten into unconsciousness was ”allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters’ in front of his own business. The man came out wielding a sword in self defense chasing after rioters who were allegedly trying to break into the business that he owed.

As we see, those who do not just let themselves get vandalized and looted get attacked.

Violent rioters threw rocks at him until he was disarmed, and then within mere seconds there was a mob of criminals who appear to be trying to beat this man to death. Dozens of people jumped on the man until he hit the floor.

Once he was on the floor, these riot criminals stomped on his head and body using their fists feet and even a skateboard until he hit the floor. They kept stomping on him until he went fully limp facedown in the road with his head split open surrounded by puddles of his own blood.

The police in Seattle have made 74 arrests by Saturday night.

In one of many videos recorded on the scene, a cameraman by the name of Elijah Schaffer who works with Blaze TV quickly ran over to try to help the man. Thankfully, despite footage where he is slumped in the street, he eventually regained consciences and was recoded sitting up and holding his head in his hands before he was taken away by an ambulance.

11 states have called for the National Guard as city-by-city people keep burning down their own communities allegedly in the name of “anti-violence.” The National Guard was also deployed to protect the White House when people tried to rush the building.