Rothschild Family Member Proposes “VOTE BY MAIL”


A member of the hyper-wealthy Rothschild financial family has proposed a “VOTE BY MAIL” system in the 2020 election to replace traditional voting during the Coronavirus pandemic.

David Rothschild, an inveterate anti-Trumper, suggested the electoral process change on Twitter. Though some people already vote by mail, Rothschild is ostensibly proposing a mail-only voting system in which people do not show up to the polls. David Rothschild is the son of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the English financial oligarch who advises the Queen of England.

“We do not want to give anyone any ideas about postponing the 2020 election. Prepare the country to debate & choose in a difficult time. All voting by mail to avoid any need for clustering people. We voted in 1864, we can vote in 2020,” Rothschild said. “For those non-history majors out there: 1864 was the middle of the Civil War. If held a presidential election in the middle of the Civil War, we can hold one now. Here is how we do it: VOTE BY MAIL.”

The Rothschilds are one of the world’s richest families, and David Rothschild’s hostility toward President Donald Trump underscores the extent to which the elites hate populist nationalism in the United States of America.