SAN DIEGO: Citizen Decries COVID Tyranny, Tells Officials Nothing Will Save Them From ‘Fate Of Humanity Which You Are Unleashing’


In a passionate testimony, Matt Baker from Ocean Beach decried tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine passports, warning the San Diego Board of Supervisors that they were “about to open a pit of Hell” and that they were unleashing “the fate of humanity.”

A patriotic citizen from Ocean Beach named Matt Baker bellowed before the San Diego Board of Supervisors during a fiery testimony in which he warned that the officials, in imposing tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions such as the vaccine passport, were “about to open a pit of Hell,” telling them that their positions would not protect them from “the fate of humanity which you are unleashing.”

Baker begun the testimony blowing into the microphone, telling the officials “that’s the wind of time. That’s the wind of history. That’s the wind blowing through your ancestors bones, begging you to do the right thing.”

After stating his name, Baker blew into the microphone once more, saying “the wind that is blowing through the black people, through the white people, through the Chinese people, through the Mexican-Americans, to the people that built this building with their bare hands to raise up this nation – they are begging you, and they are blowing through your veins, and they should be putting a tingle up the spine of your back, and they should be be begging you to do the right thing!”

Baker warned the officials, “you are about to open a pit of Hell! You do not get a vaccine passport put on us. You know, as the population who’s in control, you know that the people or the politicians, once you get a power, you will never relinquish it.”

“Do you think that the four feet of marble that holds you above high in this chamber will help you from the fate of humanity which you are unleashing? No! It won’t! Your children and your children’s children will be subjugated!” continued Baker as the crowd behind him loudly cheered. “They will be asked ‘How many vaccines have you had? Have you been a good little nazi?’ Heil Fauci! Heil Fauci! Heil Fauci!” bellowed Baker.

Baker continued, noting that there has been a lot of public discussion surrounding the Nuremberg Code. “Well, I brought you a copy!” Baker told the officials as he revealed a piece of paper. “You are all in violation of section one, yes you!”