San Diego College Claims MAGA is White Supremacy


San Diego City College hosted an event which taught students that MAGA, “racist mascots,” and Columbus Day, are instances of white supremacy.

Photos of flyers from the “Confronting White Supremacy through the Arts” event hosted by San Diego City College were obtained by Campus Reform. Hosted by professors Michelle Chan and Maria-Jose Zeledon Perez, attendees were invited to “confront White Supremacy through students’ performances”:

Prior to the performances, guest speakers will set the stage and contextualize what white supremacy is, its areas of activity, and how rampant it is in our society, curriculum, mindsets, and media.

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One pyramid diagram handed out categorised actions into “Overt White Supremacy (Socially Acceptable)” and “Covert White Supremacy (Socially Acceptable)”. The former included obvious racist actions and groups, like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and lynching, but the latter listed cultural appropriation,  wanting to “Make America Great Again,” having a “eurocentric” curriculu, and denying white privilege, implying anyone who believed or said these things was simply masking their inner white supremacy. In a similar vein, another triangle listed racist mascots and “colourblindness” as being simply veiled racism.

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Damion Rodriguez, a sophomore at SDCC who attended the event, told Campus Reform that he was worried about being threatened on campus for being a Trump supporter:

I had my MAGA hat on campus and had to hide it in worry of being threatened or targeted with speech or allegations again by another student.. I attended the end of the event to see that they had multiple students performing acts such as rapping, poems, singing that were directed towards the current administration and people who either support or follow the current president/administration. Some of the topics included some of the misinformation about people like me (Trump supporters).

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