SAVAGE: ‘I Will Refuse to Take’ Rushed COVID Vaccine, It Will Be ‘Ineffective and Dangerous’


Highly accredited doctor and talk radio titan Michael Savage took a strong stance on the topic of a potential COVID-19 vaccine this week, stating that he would refuse to take such a vaccine if it was rushed into production.

Late Sunday night, Savage tweeted, “Covid vaccine! I will refuse to take it! It will be ineffective and dangerous. There are now 20 known mutations.”

Savage added, “I have never taken a flu shot, and I will refuse to take a COVID VACCINE. If the Govt makes it ‘mandatory’ what will you do?

The talk radio host expounded on his reasoning in Monday’s edition of The Savage Nation podcast.

“I tweeted something that got me mad, because they’re all talking about a COVID vaccine, and I know, having studied these things, having studied the flu vaccines which are about thirty to forty, maybe forty percent effective… if you look at flu vaccines, not only are they ineffective – thirty-seven percent to fifty percent is what we’re seeing in reports – there are huge side effects to flu vaccines,” Savage said.

“So now they’re telling us they’re gonna rush a COVID vaccine when we know there have been twenty to thirty mutations of this virus already, and I’m very, very concerned that they’re rushing out a vaccine that will be dangerous, ineffective, et cetera, so I said this,” Savage said before reading the tweet aloud.

Savage continued, “And if these fascistic, quote, liberal governors think they have a problem on their hands that they’re making believe will go away with the shutdowns, wait until they try to tell you that you must have a vaccine to leave your house. I would join a militia before I took a vaccine. I’d go to the hills, I’m not taking it, I refuse. And I don’t care who tells me I have to take it, if Donald Trump tells me to take it, I’m not taking it, you hear me? I’m not taking it for Jesus, I’m not taking it for Trump, I’m not taking it for Moses, I’m not not taking it for Isaiah, I’m not taking it for Muhammad, I’m not taking it for Charlie Parker, I’m not taking it.”

Savage’s full podcast from Monday can be heard on the May 4 episode of his podcast at around the 37 minute mark.