#SayHisName Goes Viral as Corporate Media Faces Backlash for Ignoring Cannon Hinnant Story


Despite the best efforts of the oligarchical corporate media to sweep the story of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant’s murder under the rug, a hashtag created to raise awareness about the crime has gone mega-viral on social media.

The hashtag #SayHisName caught fire after citizens realized the stark contrast in coverage between the stories of George Floyd, a black man with a lengthy criminal record who died in police custody; and Cannon Hinnant, a white boy who was executed via gunshot to the head by a black man while riding a bike in his backyard.

The Floyd case was covered from wire to wire in the most grave and somber tone possible, and resulted in nationwide riots, looting, and violence. The site of Floyd’s death was turned into a religious shrine of concerts and baptism, and he was memorialized with a massive, garish, yellow rotating hologram that is slated to tour the country.

Meanwhile, the reaction to Hinnant’s death has split along political lines. The family of Hinnant’s alleged murderer Darius Sessions has received an outpouring of love, “support,” and prayers on social media, while others praised the boy’s murder as a courageous act of “revenge” against “white privilege.”

On Thursday, however, the story finally broke into the mainstream, though it continues to be blacklisted by the corporate media.

Hashtags #SayHisName, #SAYHISNAMECANNONHINANT and #CannonHinnant took over the trending page of Twitter, even as no news articles about the story appeared in Twitter’s “news” section.

CNN in particular was singled out for its lack of coverage on the story.

The family of Cannon Hinnant has organized a fundraiser on GoFundMe, which currently has raised $150,000 – over $14 million less than the GoFundMe for George Floyd.