Schiff Grabs Private Phone Data of Giuliani, Nunes, Hannity to Smear Opponents


Rep. Adam Schiff,(D-CA) Chairman of the US Intelligence Committee, who appears to be determined to frame President Donald J. Trump for wrongdoing severe enough to Impeachment him, has gotten private information on American citizens and exposed a pattern of disregard for privacy rights that is highly worrisome.

Schiff, who oversees the constitutionally questionable Impeachment inquiry, exposes his own devious pattern of behavior by grabbing private phone records of individuals and leaking that information to the media, in what appears to be a smear campaign meant to harass American citizens who support Donald J. Trump.

AT&T released the records of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), a ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, and John Solomon, a journalist, and other Republican supporters of Trump.

According to The Hill, who reported on the story:

“Their call records from AT&T were obtained through a subpoena seeking the phone records of other witnesses tied to the investigation.”

The Daily Beast, a well-known Democrat media outlet, who posted the invented Trump opposition research known as the “Trump Dossier” meant to tarnish the Trump campaign in 2016, posted speculation about Giuliani, without respect for Client-Attorney privilege.

Showing a familiar pattern of “sweeping up” targets associated with their political opponents, Schiff showed his ability to harass and threaten American citizens using the power of association and speculation.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), an outspoken critic of gathering phone data on American Citizens said that Schiff was doing what he is accusing the President of doing.

John Solomon, a highly credible journalist has been following stories critical to the patterns of corruption in the US Government, confirmed Thursday that Schiff had gotten his private phone data and released the data to the competitive media sources, he felt to “harass him”, he told Sean Hannity Thursday.

Schiff leaked information, on all three targets to his allies in the media for maximum damage.  News media and activists on social media then show a familiar pattern of behavior by conducting what looks like a trial in the court of public opinion, apparently designed to discredit political opponents of the Democrats.

The Washington Post used the information to tie things and people together to give the appearance of wrongdoing, without knowing any of the actual discussions that unfolded between the targets.

Laura Ingraham reported the story Thursday, with guest Fred Flietz, President and CEO, Center for Security Policy. Former NSC Chief of Staff, CIA analyst, and House Intel Com staff member, who said Schiff was out of control.

“These Democrats have a love for what is the Surveillance State. Schiff is digging up dirt on people,” Ingraham said.

“My sources told me what Schiff did on his committee went to AT & T with some numbers and asked them to tell them what calls those numbers were making and then went to NSA and got the names,” Ingraham said.

Flietz spoke from experience with Intel agencies, “When the NSA asks for information, AT&T says no.  But for a powerful Democrat asks they say yes.  They knew that one of the numbers was Devin Nunes. They knew they were giving information on a member of Congress,” he said.

“Looks like Schiff operates under special rules. This is a huge issue on attorney-client right privilege. He thinks that privacy rights to not pertain to him. This is an abuse of authority,” Flietz said.

Scott Adams, a popular cartoonist and supporter of Trump wrote: