School Activists Want To End Gifted Classes For White Students


Activist administrators and teachers in public schools are trying to deny students accelerated learning opportunities under the claim that they will close demographic-based achievement gaps and make education more fair for children.

A national debate has arisen with the recent recommendations of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s School Diversity Advisory Group to end gifted and talented education.

What was once seen as Republican concern for freedom in education, has now gained steam and has frightened even Democrat parents that the public school system has gone too far.

The latest intrusion into children’s education with the move to end Honor’s and Gifted classes does not have parental approval.

Over the demands of many parents to offer a more competitive standard for their children, activist lawmakers and school personnel are forging ahead with their plans to diminish public school instruction with new social justice frameworks. They are true activists.

“We are very dependent upon local policymakers to ensure that gifted children are recognized & served,” said Sally Krisel, a parent of a gifted student. 

In a handful of states, the Mathematics curriculum will be a focus of lawmakers, activist administrators and policymakers, who claim understanding ethnic-based concerns as state standards of learning, will make the topic of Math less racist.

According to the new framework of Ethnic Math for Seatle Public Schools, for example, children will learn about Power and Oppression as such, “analyze the ways in which ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by Western culture.”

Many of these new social justice frameworks in state standards of learning are implemented in publicly funded Equity departments.

National File has previously covered the Equity Movement in Public Schools.

According to Education Week, “Equity in education, broadly speaking, means that schools provide all students the supports they need to reach their fullest potential.”

Apparently the fullest potential — as long as the student isn’t white and gifted.