Seattle Antifa Steals AR Style Rifle from Burning Cop Cruiser


Once again, a legally armed man saves the day when he confiscated a stolen AR style weapon that a criminal rioter dressed in all black tried to steal from a burning cop.

Video has surfaced showing what appears to be a member of the formally recognized domestic terrorist group “ANTIFA” attempting to loot a loaded AR-15 tactical sporting rifle from a police vehicle that had been set on fire.


As the man dressed in the Antifa uniform pulls the weapon from the cop car, it is clearly seen that the man wast observing the weapon and starting to grip it before an armed citizen dubbed “Johnny on the spot” approached the assumed terrorist.

Again a legal gun owner was able to disarmed the assumed dangerous theif all while holding an AR-style rifle and a glock pointed right onto the assumed terrorists . This disarming of a violent rioter undoubtedly prevented the loss of life of every single person who was on the ground including police, innocent civilians, and criminal rioters.

We are seeing in cities go up in flames across the nation as ANTIFA continues to burn down the same neighborhoods their fomenting into chaos.

These actions are made all the more disturbing when contrasted with the fact that CNN and other propaganda networks have engaged in portraying these rioters as peaceful, despite video evidence suggesting a fascination with violence.

The Seattle police department released a tweet from their official account  offering their thanks to the man for “safely recovering both rifles and potentially saving lives.” Reports confirm that a rifle had been fired.

There were no reports of injury from the discharge and firing of the stolen police weapon, and they were unsure who fired it. Brandi Kruse , a reporter who works with the security officer who disarmed the AR style rifle had tweeted that a person took the rifle and fired into vehicles, but no one appeared hurt.