Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Plants Garden, Pursues Plumbing to Become Self Sufficient


The Antifa activists in Seattle who run the six-block Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone have tried to make a garden and establish a plumbing system to become self-sufficient.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as CHAZ, has cropped up in a 6 block zone of the city, with Antifa activists declaring their independence from the United States, and a new free, “peaceful” communist rule has been implemented. So far, it’s not going great, as they have literal warlords ruling the streets.

Recent updates show that they’ve decided to tackle the food situation, after their donated food was reportedly stolen by homeless people. The “farm” is little more than a soil plot on some grass, with a base of what appears to be cardboard underneath.

The subreddit for Seattle’s “autonomous zone,” r/CapHillAutonomousZone, seems also to include a number of people offering their services to set up systems that already exist in the city.

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“Greetings CHAZ, with all the talk of growing food and raising animals, I want to offer my services as a licensed plumber to build a full septic system so we can recycle our waster to use as composte [sic],” wrote one user.  “If anyone has any ideas on where the septic tank should go we can start digging tomorrow!”

A new “public library” has also cropped up in the CHAZ, although as Twitter user CHAZUpdates points out, it “functions more like a leave-a-book-take-a-book stand if anything else.”

National File reported today that the CHAZ in Seattle is not the only autonomous zone that’s been tried recently. In Portland, Oregon, antifa activists attempted to set up their own version, but were quickly shut down by the police, who cleared out the rioters with flash bangs.