Seattle Mayor Describes Autonomous Zone as ‘Peaceful,’ Sending in Military Would be ‘Illegal’


The Seattle mayor has come out in support of the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, CHAZ, suggesting that the area is “peaceful” and clearing the space out by military force would be “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

The newly constructed Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has become subject of internet memes and controversy as the left-anarchist project has seen food shortages and the emergence of a so-called “warlord” to lend credence to many stereotypical jokes about the zone’s overarching ideology.

After having gripped headlines, Trump has toyed with the idea of sending in the military to clear out the new autonomous zone. However, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has come out defending the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” as “peaceful.”

Mayor Durkan said “It is unconstitutional and illegal to send the military into Seattle.”

“There is no imminent threat of an invasion of Seattle,” she added.

She also wrote on Twitter, “I also want to be clear as I have stated publicly previously – it is unconstitutional and illegal to send the military to Seattle. We will not allow this to happen.”

After her initial tweet, she went onto capitalize on the situation by offering campaign promises, writing “This will build off our existing work to provide childcare and free college to every public high school student, provide jobs for youth, and institute criminal justice reforms, including vacating convictions for marijuana use.”

The announcement was not terribly well-received by some pundits.

Ryan Fourier tweeted: “The Mayor of Seattle just PRAISED the actions of ANTIFA and their Autonomous Zone… She said the use of military force would be “illegal” on an area occupied by ANTIFA. Send in the National Guard.”

Radical left wing activists occupied the area after the local precinct was abandoned in an effort to ease tensions following the George Floyd riots to rampage through dozens of major United States cities.

Police Chief Carmen Best informed officers that it was not her decision to vacate the precinct, saying, “You fought for days to protect it, I asked you to stand on that line day in and day out to be pelted with projectiles, to be screamed at, threatened and in some cases hurt.”