Segregation Comes to CHOP: Blacks Only In Juneteenth Celebration


Segregation has arrived in the possibly sovereign nation of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), previously known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a compendium of Antifa members and sympathizers, a militant quasi-ruler named Raz Simone, and even a drug-dealing costumed supervillain.

For its Juneteenth celebration, CHOP is only allowing black people inside the park.

One CHOPistani wrote, “CHOP is preserving the space inside the park for black people, and is looking for white allies to hold the perimeter!! Who’s in??”

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Another added, “Our white allies are asked to leave the center of CHOP and Cal Anderson for the black community and to protect the borders,” along with a graphic informing citizens that they are “blacking out CHOP.”

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National File recently revealed that CHOP now offers guided tours, allowing visitors to see all it has to offer, including a half empty book shelf used as a library, angry cafeteria workers hiding behind Good Night White Pride flags, and a nearly endless supply of junk food and soda.