SESSIONS: ‘If I Did Not Recuse Myself I Would Have Broken The Law,’ I ‘Helped Clear President Trump’


Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that if he had not recused himself during the Russia investigation, he would have broken the law.

Speaking exclusively to National File’s Patrick Howley, former Attorney General Sessions said that his recusal from the Mueller investigation into President Trump’s alleged connections to Russia was clear in regards to the law, and that if he had not done so, he would have broken it:

It did indeed clear President Trump unquestionably, allowing him to run for re-election without the slightest threat from the Russia matter – they don’t even mention it any more… I know it frustrated the President deeply, but I was a big part of that campaign, I had an official title in it, I spent over a year and a half of my life travelling all over this country with him and for him, I was the first Senator to endorse him. I want him to succeed, and I’ve tried to not get into an argument with him about this recusal, because I want the focus to be on his agenda, which I strongly support.

Sessions also spoke to Howley about his opponent in the race for his Alabama senate seat, Tommy Tubervile, who he slammed as not being a conservative at all, noting that he “never gave a dime” or “said a kind word” about President Trump:

In fact, he has never given a dime to any Republican candidate that we can find, and never said he was a Republican. At age 65, he has never contributed to a campaign. The first contribution he ever made was to his campaign. So I think when you send somebody to Washington, and launch them into the national leadership of our country, you need to know what they believe in, and what they will fight for… If you go to Washington, and you are not firmly convicted as a conservative, they will lead you astray. I’ve never heard Tommy Tuberville passionately argue for conservative principles.

Tuberville, unlike Sessions, is also in favour of mass migration, giving jobs to illegal immigrants, instead of backing President Trump’s agenda:

He has not defended, to my knowledge, the President’s advocacy of oppposing workforce immigration during this pandemic when we don’t have any jobs! The last thing that we need to be doing is bringing in more workers to take white collar jobs when we have millions of Americans unemployed. It is unthinkable that we would bring in foreigners to take a job when an Ameican is ready to take that job.

Sessions had previously attacked Tubberville on an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night.

Howley speculated that establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham might try to pass an amnesty bill next year, something that Sessions described as “very dangerous”:

They’re going to do what they have done before Patrick. “Oh, we’re going to fix this broken immigration system,” but when the dust settles… [these bills] will give amnesty and citizenship to millions of people, probably 11 milion plus, and promise enforcement. But just like we see with the wall, until you get it done, it ain’t done. They are not putting language in that would end the flow in the future, and if you give amnesty again, like we did years ago, it will just encourage more people to come here illegally, knowing that they will soon be given amnesty too.

You can watch the full interview with Sessions below, where he also discusses the recent attacks on America’s heritage, and being a tough, law and order guy: