Sex Offender Exposes Himself to Vice Producer While Working on Story Calling for his Reintegration into Society


Last Updated on September 29, 2022

A convicted sex offender exposed himself to a Vice producer while working with the left-wing publication on a story calling for the reintegration of sex criminals into society. As part of their embrace of the criminal element, many on the left have latched on to sex offenders as the next group to “normalize” in the United States. As part of their story on sex offenders, Vice news was complaining that some convicted perverts have to say in prison past the end of their sentence, a period they referred to as “dead time.” This occurs largely because of housing restrictions designed to keep them away from children and other potential victims, but Vice says it’s a horrible injustice.

Reporters from Vice sat down with a convicted sex offender named Aishef, to put together a video report advocating for his reintegration into society, and the reintegration of other sex offenders like him. The producer of the segment got a little more than she bargained for though.

After filming was complete and Aishef had told the cameras that he was a changed man with “nothing stopping [him]” from reintegrating into society, he exposed himself to the show’s producer via text message.

“We all out here in this world and we all gotta make it happen,” Aishef the sex offender told Vice during his sit-down interview. “Ain’t nothing stopping me,” Aishef went on to say. “I’m very hopeful and confident.”

In the video report produced by Vice, Aishef is seen after his interview walking through his home city of Chicago, as a voice-over plays, informing viewers of his latest offense.

“After this interview, Aishef sent a picture of his penis to our producer,” a Vice reporter says.

Amazingly, in a follow-up interview made after the picture was sent, Vice reporter Alice Hines, who was working on the sex offender normalization story, expressed her “shock” that convicted pervert Aishef had sent the photo to her producer.

Alice said that she and her fellow Vice reporters debated whether they should even publish the fact that the picture had been sent, questioning whether or not it was “relevant” to the story about reintegrating sex offenders into society.

“On the one hand, you could argue that it’s not relevant to the injustice that Asheef faced at the hands of the state,” Alice claimed. “All the years of dead time that he served. You know that’s really what our story was about.”

In spite of Vice’s claim that sex offenders can be easily rehabilitated, their recidivism rates are among the absolute worst among different classes of criminals. According to nationally-gathered statistics, within just a few years of their release from prison, an estimated 24% of convicted sex offenders have already re-offended and have been convicted of a new sex crime.

Watch Vice’s attempt to normalize Aishef the sex offender below:

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