Sex Workers on Every Populated Continent Beg for Help in Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus has hit people around the world hard–especially hard. Although elderly patients and those with pre-existing health conditions are most at risk from the deadly Covid-19, a new demographic has come out seeking financial assistance during the global pandemic.

Sex workers across the world are asking for all forms of help during a time where quarantines are enforced and social distancing is the order of the day.

Promiscuity has become increasingly frowned upon as people attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Now, sex workers in every single continent–with the exception of Antarctica–have announced either suspension of services or requests for financial at a time were their client base has dried up.


Sex workers in Nigeria have been urged to suspend their employment until further notice to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while South African sex scenes have been paralyzed as customers realize that their is no sexual protection for such a viral infection.

One sex worker said: “We knew that this virus was getting closer and closer. Unlike HIV, we can’t prevent it simply by wearing protection. This one is scary because it is just like fl­u; one cough and we are all scared.”


Coronavirus fears are decimating the sex industry in the USA. Suspension of services, clients withholding business, and a moratorium on some porn shoots has led to a decline in the industry’s prowess amid the pandemic. Several articles detailing customer reluctance and its effects have been published across several outlets, as sex workers report ill mental health as potential punters prefer less contagious forms of alleviation.

Bolivian sex workers have protested a curfew which curtailed their business prospects as social distancing measures are implemented in several countries.


Bangladesh and India have had sex workers appealing for funds to tie over their incoming income shortfalls. The Bangladeshi government closed down a brothel, which received around 5,000 patrons a day, in exchange for food, a small stipend, and frozen rent.

In February, Chinese sex workers were forced to conceal their nationalities as clients expressed fears of catching the menacing bug.


Kiwi sex workers are being urged to screen clients as brothels are closed down in New Zealand.

Australian sex workers in Perth report facing down the barrel of economic ruin as clients remain at home. Sex toy panic buying has increased as substitute goods replace traditional means of release, drying up the local industry.


Several countries throughout Europe report a precipitous drop in clients soliciting sex workers as quarantines and other forms of lockdowns come into effect. Brothels have shut down across the continent as a means to mitigate the spread of the virus–which has virtually disabled Spain and Italy.