Shaun King Moves Facebook Grift To Canada And ‘The Caribbean’ To Avoid Being ‘Swarmed By Trolls,’ Alleges Global Conspiracy Against Himself


Racial activist Shaun King has moved the target audience for his inflammatory Facebook posts to Canada and what he calls “The Caribbean” in an effort to avoid being “swarmed by trolls” regarding various issues, such as his rapidly disintegrating relationship with Black Lives Matter activists, his insistence that he is actually black man, and his new mansion in New Jersey that was reported on by the New York Post last week.

King, 41, has apparently been sending out a series of posts on Facebook that are worded nearly identically except for a few references to the target geographic region.

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“Good morning [geographic region], This is Shaun,” the posts read. “The only people who see this post are currently in [geographic region]. What I am about to tell you will sound like a wild conspiracy theory, but I assure you that it’s true. For years now, every post that I make here on Facebook has been hounded and swarmed by trolls – often pretending to be Americans – tearing apart every word I say and post that I make.”

The post then continues, “I love [geographic region]. I know it has all of its own many struggles and faults, though. I’ve been deeply appreciative of your support across the years. I’d love to learn more about how I can support your struggles for equality and civil rights. And I’d love to share with you more about my world and work. Love and appreciate you all. Your friend and brother, Shaun.”

The Caribbean-targeted post has an additional two paragraphs noting, “My family and I have been to Haiti many times. And all over Jamaica. And St. Lucia. But I hope to visit your hometown as well,” and, “I honestly think that The Caribbean is one of the single most important places for freedom and independence in the world – and I hope to support you however I can.”

King also appears to be targeting posts toward Australians as well.

Sentiments in the Black Lives Matter community have turned sharply against King in recent months over his perceived grifting of the families of BLM martyrs, and his insistence that he is actually a black man.