SHOCK: College Teaches Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation


Colleges: once a beacon of intellectual achievement; now, the ideological fountainhead of progress–in all of its manifestations.

Given the unmoored nature of progress, social commentators a few years ago warned of the galloping trend to normalize taboo and fringe paraphelias.

They were simply dismissed as alarmists, charlatans, and quacks.

However, vindication isn’t so sweet–considering the social implications of normalizing such a practice as pedophilia.

The media recently slowed its normalization of pedophilia, switching gears and attention to age-gap relationship and ‘drag kids.’

An unconfirmed State college appears to hold a class presenting pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

Apparently, an eight-minute video from Vice Magazine–which has penned controversial articles concerning pedophilia in the past–showcasing self-described pedophiles was shown to the class, to be later discussed.

National File reached out to the student for more details about his school, and the class in which the lesson was taught. If National File learns the name of the college, we will ask the administration for details on the lesson.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, academics allegedly attended a summer course which stated that pedophilia was normal.

The Telegraph reports:

“Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”

A scholar at the University of Wurtzberg called pedophilia an ‘unchangeable sexual orientation’ that should be accepted by society.

On social media, pedophiles have rebranded as ‘MAPs’ or Minor Attracted Person.

Softening the language surrounding a topic as stigmatized as pedophilia is, perhaps, a method to normalize the practice by altering public opinion.

There also has been a spike in strange fetishes entering the mainstream.

In the past few weeks, a ‘furry’ was accused of deliberately destroying his hands with dry ice to force a medical double amputation to fulfill a sexual fetish.

According to Reddit posts, couples deliberately conceive children for sexual gratification, only to abort the fetus, granting the fetishist a Godlike power over life within a legal framework.

Let’s see what else 2019 can bring.

National File will update this story with additional details as they become available.