Shocking Video Surfaces Detailing ABC’s ‘Spiking’ of Epstein Allegations


Tuesday, Project Veritas released its latest project exposing media corruption by showing footage of an ABC News anchor talking about sinking a story during the 2016 Presidential election that implicated former President Bill Clinton, husband to then-candidate Hillary R. Clinton.

“We had the story three years ago, “said  Amy Robach, ABC Anchorwoman, talking about Jeffrey Epstein bribery and pedophile scandal. Robach also talks about Epstein’s death, on the video.

Robach describes a frustrating situation where she felt she had a well-researched investigation with a lot of evidence and proof of bribery and wrongdoing by many officeholders and high profile people,  three years ago, that has become a curiosity since the suspicious death of Epstein.

Epstein had been arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Epstein died of mysterious causes on August 10, 2019.

The video did not expressly point this out, but in August 2016 the country was months away from the 2016 Presidential election in Nov. 2016. In October 2016, ABC News did carry a highly embarrass undercover video of  Trump from years before, meant to sink his presidential campaign.

“We have been threatened a million different ways… we had Clinton… we had photos and everything.  I tried for three years to get it on,” Robach said into a hot mic in August 2019, seeming unaware that she was being recorded.

The suppression of the story continues, according to James O’Keefe.  In a statement on a Twitter post,  O’Keefe said Twitter was attempting to make it difficult for people to find posts on the topic of his undercover film.

“They have Epstein Coverup trending, but it is spelled wrong,” O’Keefe said, showing on his screen that his hashtag was spelled incorrectly causing many people to not be able to find the tweets, and participate in the conversation about the very popular posts.

O’Keefe also commented on the lack of journalistic integrity, with which many networks covered the explosive report of a network news agency spiking a story, in what appears to be an action to help a then-presidential candidate, Democrat, Hillary R. Clinton.

O’Keefe posted on Twitter Wednesday that more was coming.