Sidney Powell Predicts Durham Will Indict, Not Just Write Report


Sidney Powell, author of Licensed To Lie, said Thursday  shewas stunned, about what the DOJ IG Horowitz revealed in his report and at his recent testimony in front of Congress about the abuses of the Government’s FISA court.

Powell predicted that US Attorney, John Durham would indict people, not write a report, and she gave her reaction to the recently exposed abuses of the FISA Court against American citizens.

“It is frighting the amount of power the FISA Courts have against the American citizen, who are not allowed to know about what is being used against them in the secret courts,” Powell said.

Powell was a guest on the War Room Impeachment Podcast with co-hosts Raheem Kassam, Jason Miller an Stephen Bannon.

Powell said on the show, that what she heard in the Wednesday’s testimony was, “absolutely a stunning revelation and what I have been screaming about for 10 years.  They are hiding exculpatory evidence and they are hiding every bit of it with respect to Carter Page.  They got warrants, to get everything he had written, on any and every day.

That kind of warrant gives them access also to whoever had contacted Page, so they could get everything they had written on any day as well,” she said, “and all with warrants were all based on lies.”

“It is a federal felony to falsely federal evidence. Everyone knows that the person who did that is wrong.  He changed the meaning from what the  CIA wrote about Page for the FISA court.  And it used is secret so no one represents the defendant and the FISA court rubberstamps these applications because they trust the government so much,” she said.

“It affects everyone.  Remember they can get warrants out of this secret court for warrants for everyone the defendant has communicate with, and no one knows about,” Powell said.

“I think whether or not there are legal consequences for anyone over this depends on John Durham, and if he is serious about finding out what was going on Durham will find out what the people, who were all handpicked, were doing.  They were all hand-picked because they would know what the goal was,” Powell said, signaling that there was a problem in the Intelligence Community.

Powell said she Represented General Flynn, a three-star general, who was also embroiled in legal issues stemming from the FISA court and the 302 forms, giving permission to spy on him, as early as 2015, “he is doing very well and appreciates all the support.

People from have been generous, and we feel people’s prayers. It has been an uplifting experience in many ways,” she said.

Powell, who has written extensively about the reform of the FISA court said that “Justice Roberts is the only one who can exercise oversight or has any supervision over the FISA court.  It is really a star chamber, it is a terrifying experience and we shouldn’t have a process like that for American citizens.  The FISA court needs to be made over. They can not rubber-stamp everything out of the government,” she said.

“We have a systematic problem in the intelligence agencies,” she said.

Powell has a new book coming out in February, title, Conviction Machine, highlighting solutions for reform of the FISA court.

“One thing I recommend in the book is that we need intelligence agencies to record interviews with everyone. Robert Mueller said that recording interviews would be too much for people to handle, at a time when everyone has a phone in their pocket and can record anything at all,” she said.

Powell finished by saying that in her twenty years of professional legal work she had never seen a US Attorney release a report.

“His job is to indict people, not write reports,” she said,  “if McCabe and Comey haven’t lawyered up yet, they’re even dumber than they look.”