SJW Doxxes High Schooler, Gets Doxxed Back


A student at the University of Washington doxxed a high schooler after he made a TikTok video which she found offensive, only to be swarmed by a hive his supporters and doxxed herself.

In Short: A Twitter account called @Rezzy4Prezzy doxxed a Helena, MT high school student and the student’s mother after he made a video on social media app TikTok. It didn’t take long for the internet to respond in kind:

Context: The University of Washington student, identified as Sonia Fereidooni, admitted in a Tweet to cheating on her final exams this spring. (Archived here).

From there, internet users identified her real name, identity, and several other personal factors.

She was reported to the school, which she claims investigated the incident and found no wrongdoing. She also accused internet users of photoshopping racist Tweets and attributing them to her account.

The University of Washington did not respond to a comment request.

In a long Twitter thread, she claimed that she called the FBI to investigate the allegedly photoshopped Tweets, and said that she made her account private because she had been doxxed.

The Big Picture: “Cancel culture,” as it’s known, is primarily a left-wing tactic used to ruin the livelihoods of those whom the left deems racist, bigoted, or in other cases just sympathetic to right wing causes.

In one of the more pathetic recent doxxings, Daily Beast blogger Will Sommer doxxed a pastry chef at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort for believing in the Q-Anon conspiracy theory.

In the case of Fereidooni, “cancel culture” canceled her back, much to the delight of the political right, which is typically on the receiving end of such behavior.

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