SJWs are Mad Robert Downey Jr. Used ‘Blackface’ in Tropic Thunder


People on Twitter are mad that the man who played Tony Stark donned “blackface” in his performance of the 2008 satirical comedy Tropic Thunder.

Of course, many things fail to pass the bar for wokeness these days as seemingly innocuous things are deemed problematic.

Even much-loved Robert Downey Jr has been vilified for wearing “blackface”–a huge no-no in today’s hypersensitive public arena–in a movie that was released twelve years ago.

One tweeter reminded social media, “Remember that time Robert Downey jr did full blackface and nobody said ANYTHING,” to which other commenters, less than impressed, tore apart a tweet accused of chasing clout.

“Might as well put ‘please give me likes & attention,’” replied one account.

A second tweeter wrote: “If you watched the movie you’d know why.”

Another account jokingly tweeted about “woke teenagers” coming to the groundbreaking realization that a childhood favorite actor may have to be the latest victim claimed by so-called “cancel culture.”

One social media user tweeted: “I hate that teenagers tend to discover Twitter before they discover Google.”

To which another person wittily replied: “I hate that teenagers discover the internet before a healthy relationship with their parents.”

“Wait till they find out he got OSCAR NOMINATED for it,” remarked a third person.

A fourth person wrote: “I didn’t know about RDJ (Robert Downey Junior) before watching that movie, so I genuinely thought he was a black guy. You can probably imagine that the reveal that he was actually white was damn surprising to me.”

Picking apart one of the cancel culture tweets, one account tweeted: “‘I can’t find an apology either????’ Lol. They’re so used to people cowering to their screeching cancel culture that it’s actually surprising to them when somebody doesn’t do it.”

Many other social media users took to Twitter to pick apart a one-dimensional narrative of Robert Downey Jr simply using blackface for racist end–thus deserving to be canceled.

The general sentiment indicated frustration toward “woke” culture for indiscriminate cancellations of anybody who fails to toe the line. Others blasted blackface critics for never having watched the movie before passing judgement.

Last year, people were upset with Pennywise–the demonic nightmarish entity assuming the form of a clown that eats children from Stephen King’s classic, It–for not being enough of an LGBT ally.