SJWs Complain That Orcs Are ‘Racist’, Draw ‘Soft, Queer’ Versions To Combat ‘Colonial Portrayals’


“Woke” Twitter users, noted for their progressive zeal and prodigious knowledge of alternative gender pronouns, set their sights on J.R.R. Tolkien’s portrayal of the fictional group “orcs” in a fictional fantasy universe.

As a white, male, Christian author of significant historical repute, it seemed inevitable to many  that Tolkien and his legacy would be assailed by Woke Twitter. This week, the topic of orcs became a trending topic on the platform.

The woke brigade went on to attack the unrelated “Dungeons and Dragons” fandom and related games for its portrayal.


Some even went as far as to claim orcs are a direct, “dehumanizing” allegory for “black and brown people.”

The accusations of racism were quickly debunked, and the trending topic was quickly capitalized on by fantasy fans, who used the hashtag to steer the conversation in a positive, non-political direction.

Many of the users trying to rationalize their opinion that Tolkien’s works and DnD are riddled with hidden “racism” later deleted their tweets.

One of the accounts that was later set to private mode after backlash posted orc fan art in an attempt to “diversify and humanize” the fictional species.

“It’s important to know how orcs were made to fit into pre-existing racist and colonial ideals, and how that has tainted their portrayal. I think by diversifying and humanizing the, we can keep the good parts and toss out the racist trash. So here, have some soft, queer orcs,” the caption accompanying drawings of lesbian orcs taking selfies read.

Another user said the art was unneccessary, since orcs are already “cute” and “gay.”

The discussion on Twitter appears to have died down by Wednesday, presumably as the woke brigade searches for another historical, fictional, or video game-related fandom to assail with cries of racism.